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The Walks Schedule below gives details of organized walks.
On Sundays some Walk Leaders may make arrangements to meet at Hazel Grove Park & Ride where walkers can share lifts to the start of the walk. (Click the link to get location map.)  These arrangements are particularly advantageous for new members, as the location is not far away, is easy to navigate to and you will be with more experienced members travelling to the start of the walk. However, please ensure that you contact the Walk Leader to make a prior arrangement to meet at Hazel Grove P&R; otherwise the Leader may drive direct to the start of the walk.

If there is no arrangement to meet at Hazel Grove or you would prefer to meet at the start of the walk, there is a map link on each walk, which will bring up a Google map with the start location. You can use this to get directions and estimated travelling time from your home, if you enter your home postcode as the start point for your journey.

Walk leaders will start the walk at the time indicated, i.e. 10.00am, so please be there at least 15 mins beforehand.

please make sure to contact the Walk Leader beforehand to let them know that you will be joining their walk. Leaders' contact details are available in the latest newsletter, which is available on the Members Page

please use the Contact Details to be able to make contact with the Walk Leader for any walk that you wish to take part in.

Guidance for Walk Leaders - To view the document CLICK HERE

Guidance for Members - To view the document CLICK HERE

Countryside Code - To view the document CLICK HERE

Guidance on assessing degree of difficulty (for leaders and walkers)

The Club publishes fuller walks' details than most walking clubs and where possible an itinerary is given, which gives members an idea of the area and terrain of each walk. For a given walk there are two aspects of difficulty to consider, the strenuosity (grade) of the walk, and its distance. It is important to note that these are quoted separately in our schedule of walks. Thus, an easy/moderate walk could be fine if 7-8 miles long, but quite taxing for some if longer, although graded the same. We use the abbreviated grade descriptions given below to denote


Easy: unhurried walks on reasonably level ground using clear footpaths, typically under 9 miles in length;

similar easy pace, with a few ups and downs, but unlikely to induce shortness of breath in a reasonably fit walker;

normal walking pace, with some rougher paths and significant hills, causing occasional shortness of breath in a reasonably fit walker, but who should overall cope quite well, typically under 10 miles length;

more taxing, usually with more hills, some steep, and with a pace which, while not fast, needs to be maintained. New members or infrequent walkers should take advice from the Walk Leader before attempting a walk of this grade, typically under 12 miles in length;

Strenuous: possibly faster pace, over rougher ground, sometimes not on paths, some strenuous climbs and steeper ascents. Again, seek advice before attempting if uncertain. Can be any length.